Services to Investors

Investing in African businesses is a unique opportunity that allows investors to achieve both financial and social returns.  There are challenges that can arise in the investment process and Sokoni Group has the proven capacity to help mitigate these challenges and make your investment a success. At Sokoni Group, we feel it is critical that investors are able to make informed decisions and so we do our best to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in your investment.

One of the keys to success of operating in the fast-changing and emerging markets of Africa is understanding and managing the political and business risks that may affect your business. By looking at the political, business, operation, security, reputation, social, and living conditions within each country, Sokoni Group is able to provide you with a bespoke market entry report tailored to your investment needs.

Our customized market research us made possible through our constant interaction with investors, businesses, and industry experts in East and West Africa. We are able to leverage our experience and network to offer market intelligence and data on a range of industries.

Through its extensive networks spanning multiple countries, Sokoni Group is uniquely positioned to provide the crucial support your business needs through identifying responsible partners with extensive local knowledge and connections on the ground. Our risk mapping services allow businesses to navigate the complex business environment through identifying trusted and reputable business partners who are well-connected and have experience establishing businesses in the area.

As well as supporting investors source opportunities, Sokoni also works with international partners who are able to provide expert technical knowledge and assistance, matching them with relevant business opportunities to ensure mutual financial benefits for both international and local partners.

We support well-managed, growth-ready companies and have contact with a variety of strong and promising businesses in Africa. As such, Sokoni Group has a variety of investment opportunities on portfolio. We are here to help you identify investment targets that best match your requirements, whether they are industry-specific or a preference in type or amount of return.

As a neutral party, Sokoni Group can arrange co-investment structures as involving local and/or global investors; This can help reduce the costs of due diligence and facilitate the sharing of expertise

Sokoni Group is well experienced in supporting the investment related negotiations once an investment match has been found.

Sokoni Group provides the detailed background that investors need to ensure that they have covered all possible risks, threats and opportunities. To do so, we leverage our investment experience, local presence, and strong partners to assist investors in their due diligence work on investment targets.

By producing a thorough analysis of the overall political situation of a country while also conducting detailed investigations of a target companies and its management, Sokoni Group helps clients to reduce their risk in investing. Specifically, we can provide the following related services:

  • Political and security risk analysis – we analyse political, security and governance issues, both regional and national, that might affect an entrant’s operations. We also advise on cultural sensitivities when establishing relationships with local political and commercial entities, and analyse transaction-related risks.
  • Business intelligence and investigations – we map local political, commercial and vested interests in clients’ industries, and the manner in which they become risk factors.

Sokoni Group feels strongly about responsible businesses and giving back to society.  Many of our investors are interested in both responsible and impact investing, and so we promote the use of ESG reporting and corporate social responsibility plans for the businesses with which we work.

We have a team of analysts and advisors that are ready to assess the environmental and social impacts of your potential investment and help find ways that can improve how the business interacts with the community, and how these changes can potentially improve your return.

For more information about our full range of services, please see our page dedicated to Responsible Investment.

As part of an integrated project development programme, Sokoni Group provides the following services:

  • Risk allocation and setting of project financing objectives
  • Development of appropriate financing structure
  • Preparation of contract strategy
  • Development of transportation and off-take agreements
  • Project management of project financing negotiation and delivery

Sokoni Group is able to provide a number of services to investor’s current portfolio companies, including preparing reports, monitoring financial results, and tracking social metrics.

Sokoni Group continues its work with its clients through post-investment. Our services both in management and advisory positions continue to add value and ensuring investments succeed. Sokoni Group is well positioned and well qualified to assist firms who need support in growing their ventures. We lead our clients to new opportunities, build relationships, develop local business models and overcome capacity constraints. Sokoni Group works in markets where opportunities abound but implementation skills are scarce.



If you are interested in engaging with Sokoni Group to help you achieve your objectives, please contact us for a free advisory session so we may discuss how Sokoni’s expertise can best be tailored to your business needs.