Services to Businesses

Capital Raising

At Sokoni Group, we recognize that the capital raising process is complex, difficult, and can take months to complete. As such, we offer our specialist services and expertise towards ensuring that your company gets the support it needs for a successful capital raising process.  We also offer businesses the opportunity to strengthen their business case with an environment, social, and governance report and rating.

Our flow of service offerings include:

To begin the capital raising process, Sokoni Group helps businesses define and implement optimal capital raising strategies.

Sokoni Group can work with your business to review your business plan and optimise your objectives to maximise your growth potential. We recognise that capital raising is one of the most critical parts of your business’ growth, and so we work with you to define and implement a capital raising strategy.

In preparation of approaching investors, we also work with your business to help you create top of the line investor materials, such as:

  • Professional Financial Projections
  • Investor Presentations
  • Any other supporting materials necessary to promote your business

To create a solid business case, Sokoni Group works with companies to generate reports of the country and industry business climate. Our goal is to strengthen your case towards investors, and prove that your product can be successful.

Sokoni Group has a large network of investors, including investment funds and angel investors, interested in engaging with businesses of all types in Africa. Given your needs as a business and their specifications as investors, we meticulously match based on these and the outlook for success and productive cooperation.
Sokoni Group is well experienced in supporting the investment related negotiations and deal closing once an investment match has been found.

Sokoni Group feels strongly about responsible businesses and giving back to society.  Many of our investors are interested in both responsible and impact investing, and so having an ESG report or corporate social responsibility plan can work to your advantage in attracting capital.
We have a team of analysts and advisors that are ready to assess your company’s environmental and social impacts and help find ways that can improve how your business interacts with the community, and how these changes can potentially improve your profitability.

For more information about our full range of services on CSR and ESG reporting please see our page dedicated to Responsible Investment.

As part of an integrated project development programme, Sokoni Group provides the following services:

  • Risk allocation and setting of project financing objectives
  • Development of appropriate financing structure
  • Preparation of contract strategy
  • Development of transportation and off-take agreements
  • Project management of project financing negotiation and delivery