Corporate Social Responsibility/Responsible Investment

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At Sokoni Group, we believe that businesses and investors alike have the ability to make a real difference in society and the environment through responsible investment and good citizenship.  We also believe that these efforts cannot only bring social and environmental returns, but financial ones, too.

Sokoni Group has a qualified team of analysts and advisors that are ready to assess your company’s environmental and social impacts whether you are a business working with us towards finding an investor or if you are independently interested in assessing your impacts, improving your practice, or hoping to improve your corporate reputation.

For Businesses and Investors

If you are an investor interested in ensuring your potential investment is acting responsibly, Sokoni Group can help integrate an assessment into the due diligence process. Our series of services offer significant value to both responsible investors as well as to businesses interested in improving.

In order to help businesses achieve their social goals, Sokoni Group offers the following services:

Having a baseline environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report can serve as a useful learning exercise for businesses to identify the challenges that they face.  Our reports start the process of looking towards solutions in improving basic efficiency and reducing the loopholes that may be preventing good practice.  The report can also help find strengths within the company and help identify how they can use this to their benefit.

Essential in demonstrating the beginnings of a corporate commitment towards improving the way business is done. Having reports can help promote disclosure, which is often not a requirement in the business regulations of many of our operating countries. With annual financial reports already required by law in many countries, it would be beneficial to simultaneously perform a parallel non-financial report.

The stakeholders in a community can sometimes be difficult to identify, but at Sokoni Group, we have a team of on the ground specialists who specialize in community engagement and can help determine who are those most impacted by your business actions

We are available to provide training on CSR and awareness as well as coordinating community and stakeholder input.

At Sokoni Group, we specialize in proving research and analysis.  We feel it is important to make informed decisions, and so in anticipation of any new project, we can help you forecast given different strains of action.

Sokoni Group has an excellent network of consultants who specialize in innovative corporate citizenship strategy.  We are available to help you identify ways that your business can achieve some “win-wins” and alternatively help you find ways to generate some real positive impact.

We will help you identify your targets, perform a baseline ESG assessment, life-cycle assessment and feasibility study, and help you make a business case out of it.

Once the strategy for your new responsible practice has been developed, Sokoni Group can help you integrate your plans into your core business model, making it more sustainable, generating long-term commitments.

Once your project has been underway, Sokoni Group can help your business generate an impact assessment to determine your social and environmental impacts.

For More Information

If you are interested in engaging with Sokoni Group’s line of CSR services, please contact us.  Our team would be happy to present to you our research and evidence towards the benefits of responsible investment.  We look forward to a discussing with your business how Sokoni Group’s offerings can help improve your business’ impact, reputation, and sustained growth.